Death hug

Introducing the 'Death Hug' Art Toy: a captivating 3D printable figure that blends charm with creativity, perfect for artists and enthusiasts alike. This adorable platform figure is designed with customization in mind, offering a blank canvas to unleash your imagination. Whether you're adding intricate designs, vibrant colors, or personalized touches, 'Death Hug' is your go-to companion for creative expression. Best of all, it comes with a royalty-free license, allowing you to use it for both personal projects and commercial endeavors. Dive into the world of 'Death Hug' and transform this cute figure into a masterpiece that's uniquely yours

Space Bunny

Embark on an interstellar crafting adventure with our 3D Printable Space Bunny Figure STL File! This adorable astronaut bunny is not just any ordinary rabbit; it's a space explorer ready to hop into the farthest reaches of your imagination. Whether you're looking to add some cosmic charm to your desk, create out-of-this-world gifts, or expand your galaxy of products, our Space Bunny is the perfect companion. Designed with detail and ease of printing in mind, this figure is suitable for both personal and commercial use, offering endless possibilities for creativity and fun. Let this little space hopper bring a touch of whimsy and galactic adventure to your projects. Print your own Space Bunny today and let the cosmic cuteness begin!

Cute Bonehead

Meet Cute Bonehead, the most charming skeleton to ever grace your 3D printer! This adorably spooky STL file is perfect for adding a dash of fun to your home, office, or product lineup. Whether you're decking out your space for Halloween or simply adore quirky decor year-round, Bonehead is ready to bring smiles and a bit of playful spookiness wherever he goes. Designed with love for both personal and commercial use, this little skeleton is not only a breeze to print but also completely royalty-free. So, why wait? Bring Bonehead to life and let this cute skeleton figure steal the hearts of everyone around. Perfect for crafters, creators, and anyone with a soft spot for the sweet side of the macabre. Print your own Bonehead today and start spreading the skeleton cheer!

Lil' Devil

Introducing our latest creation: the 3D Printable Lil Devil Art Toy Figurine STL File – a perfect blend of mischief and charm, now available for both personal and commercial use, royalty-free! Dive into the world of creative possibilities with this unique art toy, designed for enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you're looking to add a quirky touch to your collection, craft personalized gifts, or expand your product line, this lil devil is your go-to choice. With its detailed design and print-ready file, it's never been easier to bring a touch of playfulness to your projects. Enjoy the freedom to reproduce and sell your prints without any royalties, making it a fantastic option for entrepreneurs and hobbyists alike. Get ready to captivate your audience with the enchanting appeal of this Lil Devil figurine – start printing today!

Kitty Nugget

Unleash your creativity with our adorable 3D Printable Cute Kitty Nugget STL file! Perfect for cat lovers and craft enthusiasts alike, this detailed and easy-to-print design brings a touch of whimsy to any project. Whether you're decking out your workspace, creating unique gifts, or selling your own creations, our super cute kitty is designed for versatility. With compatibility for both personal and commercial use, the possibilities are endless. High-quality and tested for printability, it’s ideal for adding a playful flair to your collection or product line. Make your 3D printing projects purr with charm – get your hands on this must-have cute kitty nugget today!

Coco The Bunny

This figurine is a unique creation that can be personalized in countless ways. Its design is simple yet versatile, with smooth curves and a minimalist aesthetic that makes it a perfect canvas for your creativity.

The figurine comes with a silicone mold box that enables you to reproduce it as many times as you want, in any material you choose. The mold box is easy to use and ensures that each copy of the figurine comes out clean and precise.

Whether you want to create a set of matching figurines or experiment with different materials, the Art Toy Figurine with Silicone Mold Box makes it effortless to do so. You can use it to make figurines out of resin, plaster, or any other casting material you prefer.

The 3D-printable design makes it easy to modify the figurine's shape and size, and you can even add your own unique details to make it truly one-of-a-kind. And with the silicone mold box, you can reproduce your customized design as many times as you want, quickly and easily.


Unleash endless possibilities with our Flexifriend, a fully articulated 3D printable action figure!

This versatile and fully customizable action figure is designed for children, collectors, and makers alike. It’s perfect for creative play, DIY projects, and personalized collections.

Flexifriend has fully articulated joints that enable dynamic poses and lifelike movements. This 3D printable toy offers a unique play experience, stimulating the imagination and encouraging creative storytelling. Whether it's for display or play, this dynamic action figure promises countless hours of enjoyment.

As a royalty-free product, Flexifriend is completely open for customization. You can modify and create your own versions without any limitations. This is a fantastic opportunity for 3D printing enthusiasts to test their skills, and for children to explore their creativity and imaginative play.

Whether you're a fan of action figures, a hobbyist, a DIY enthusiast, or a parent seeking to stimulate creative play for your children, Flexifriend is the ideal addition to your collection. Start creating, personalizing, and playing today with Flexifriend!


Introducing "Rapscallions", an extraordinary set of 5 designer art toy figures, available as a 3D printable STL file set. This quirky, charming, and royalty-free collection is perfect for designers, artists, and collectors who appreciate unique, customizable pieces.

Each of the "Rapscallions" figures embodies its own unique character, brimming with charm and personality. The figures offer an array of engaging forms and contours that not only look great in any display but are also an absolute delight to hold and interact with.

With the easy-to-print STL files, you can bring these Rapscallions to life with your own 3D printer. Their design allows for effortless customization, so you can freely express your creativity and personal style. Print them in different colors, apply your own artistic finishes, or even modify the files to add your personal touches.

Whether you're a seasoned toy collector, a creative designer, or a 3D printing enthusiast, these designer toy figures make an engaging project and a unique addition to any collection. Unleash your imagination and let the "Rapscallions" inspire your creativity.

Animal Platformers

Indulge your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit with our customizable Set of Three 3D Printable Art-Toy Figures! This package includes meticulously crafted designs of a Monkey, Rabbit, and Bear. Our 3D models are perfect for both personal use and commercial projects, providing unlimited opportunities for imagination and business growth.

Each toy figure in this collection is a blank canvas waiting for your unique touch. As they are ready to print, these versatile figures are perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professional artists alike. Whether you want to paint, decorate, or even recast these figures in another material such as resin or metal, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Optimized for Easy 3D Printing: The digital files have been expertly designed to ensure smooth, easy printing with minimal support. Whether you're a beginner or a 3D printing veteran, you'll appreciate the print-friendly nature of these designs.

Royalty-Free Use: We are offering these designs royalty-free! This means you're free to print and sell the 3D printed figures or even recast them in another material. It's an excellent opportunity for small businesses and artists to create and sell unique products without any copyright concerns.

Unlimited Customization: These Art-Toy Figures are just waiting to be personalized. Paint them, add accessories, or incorporate them into your art projects. The only limit is your imagination!

Specter The Ghost

Embrace nostalgia and spark your creativity with our 3D Printable STL File for a Cute Ghost Figure! Inspired by the whimsical charm of the golden age of cartoons, this ghost figure is the perfect project for 3D printing enthusiasts, artists, and small business owners alike.

Our adorable Ghost Figure captures the timeless, endearing aesthetic of classic cartoons. A blank canvas ready for your unique touch, this figure can be customized post-print to truly make it your own. Paint it, accessorize it, or use it as the centerpiece of your next art project!

Classic Cartoon Inspiration: The golden age of cartoons aesthetic brings a playful, timeless appeal to this ghost figure, making it a hit with both children and adults.

Optimized for 3D Printing: Our STL file is designed for a smooth 3D printing experience, making it suitable for both beginners and experts in 3D printing.