Brutalist Art-Deco Chess Set

Step into the captivating world of architectural fusion with our exclusive Brutalist Art-Deco Chess Set! This digital download offers a meticulous STL file, ready for 3D printing, reflecting a unique blend of the stark, geometrical aesthetics of Brutalism and the ornate, symmetrical detailing of Art-Deco. 

Fermentation Weight

Unveiling the perfect solution for home fermenters and entrepreneurs alike: a meticulously designed, royalty-free 3D Printable STL file for a fermentation weight. Dive into the world of fermentation with confidence and creativity.

Key Features:

Optimized Size: At 55mm, it's the perfect size to snugly fit most jars, ensuring your veggies stay submerged during the fermentation process.

Two-Part Design: Created with ease in mind, this two-part system guarantees a hassle-free insertion and removal from your favorite fermentation jar.

Mold and Recast: For optimal weight and efficiency, once 3D printed, you can use the model as a mold and recast it using a heavier material, ensuring your veggies are always submerged and safe from harmful aerobic bacteria.

Royalty-Free & Profit Ready: Not only can you print and use this design freely, but you're also empowered to manufacture and sell as many as you wish, making it a perfect opportunity for budding entrepreneurs.

Self-Draining Soap Dish

Welcome to the future of bathroom essentials with our Self-Draining Soap Coaster STL file, a 3D printable innovation on a classic design. This digital file allows you to create a soap dish that brings a touch of convenience and cleanliness to your bathroom or kitchen.

Our Soap Coaster boasts a practical, smart design. Its sloped bottom efficiently directs water away from your soap and down through a drain, ensuring your soap stays dry and lasts longer. This feature also prevents the accumulation of water residue and soap scum, keeping your counters clean and tidy.

Elevate your bathroom or kitchen with the Self-Draining Soap Coaster. Its sleek and practical design will revolutionize your soap storage and contribute to a cleaner, fresher living space.

Daffodil Coaster

Step into springtime all year round with our Daffodil Coaster 3D Print File. This beautifully crafted design captures the charm of a blossoming daffodil, perfect for adding a touch of nature-inspired elegance to any setting.

The best part? Post-printing, you have the opportunity to bring the 3D print to life by filling the coaster with clear resin. This step transforms the piece into a durable, easy-to-clean coaster that preserves the intricate details of the daffodil design while adding a glossy, polished finish. The result is a unique and functional piece of art, perfect for your home or as a thoughtful gift.

As a royalty-free product, these coasters are not only great for personal use but also an excellent addition to your crafts fair inventory. With their captivating design and high usability, they are sure to catch the eyes of customers and become bestsellers in no time!