Feel good shapes

Transform your workspace into an arena of creativity and inspiration with our 3D printable STL file for the unique "Feel Good Shapes" desk stacking toy. This highly aesthetic and interactive toy is designed not only to adorn your desk but to stimulate your imagination and alleviate stress.

The "Feel Good Shapes" desk toy features a collection of visually appealing geometric forms. Each shape is a unique blend of flat, round, and smooth sides, perfect for both tactile exploration and creating visually captivating structures.

Print them out in your choice of material and color, and let your hands explore their unique textures and forms. Roll them around in your hands, stack them into captivating structures, or simply admire their aesthetic allure.

This is not just another desk toy; it's a medium to switch gears and inspire fresh thinking when you're stuck on a problem. The engaging nature of these shapes will allow your mind to refocus, refresh, and maybe even find the solution you've been looking for.

Retro Rave Beads

Unleash your creativity with our Set of 6 3D Printable STL Files for Retro Rave Beads! This package includes six distinct, nostalgia-inducing designs: Dove, Heart, Smile, Dolphin, Alien, and Crown. Ideal for crafting stunning candy jewelry pieces for necklaces or bracelets, these printable beads are your ticket to reliving the vibrant energy of the 90s rave scene.

These bead designs can instantly brighten up any DIY jewelry project. Whether you're a 3D printing enthusiast looking for new, exciting projects, a candy jewelry fan seeking unique beads for your collection, or a craft fair vendor wanting to boost your table's offerings, our 3D printable beads are the perfect pick.

Royalty-Free Use: Enjoy the freedom to print and sell your 3D printed bead creations at your leisure, as we offer these designs royalty-free. It's an excellent opportunity for craft fair vendors to create and sell unique, nostalgic jewelry pieces without any copyright concerns.

Versatile Designs: Our six designs — Dove, Heart, Smile, Dolphin, Alien, and Crown — add a retro, playful vibe to any jewelry project. These versatile beads can be used in numerous ways, encouraging endless creativity.

Perfect for Craft Fairs: These retro rave beads are sure to attract attention at any craft fair table. Stand out from the crowd with jewelry that appeals to nostalgia and unique style.

Please note that this listing is for digital files only. No physical product will be shipped.

Vaporwave Ring

Step back into the 80s with this unique Vaporwave Ring STL file, a 3D printable and royalty-free design fusing art history and gaming nostalgia. This digital file is your gateway to creating an artistic statement piece that is as distinctive as you are.

Our Vaporwave ring combines the iconic image of Michelangelo's David statue with the unmistakable form of a retro Gaming Console, embodying the quintessential aesthetic of the Vaporwave movement. The mix of classic sculpture and vintage gaming is a perfect representation of the retro-futuristic 80s style that Vaporwave is all about.

Enjoy the creative freedom that comes with this royalty-free digital asset. Print for personal use, to gift, or even for your small business projects. This high-quality STL file is compatible with most 3D printers and optimized for printing in a variety of materials

Take your style to a new dimension with this Vaporwave Ring. This piece will be an instant conversation starter, a way to display your appreciation for the blending of old and new, digital and analog, pop culture and high art.

Keychain & Card

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